finding my fit…at the Farmers’ Market

If you’ve stumbled upon my blog perhaps it’s because you, like me, are interested in healthy foods and fitness. My love for fresh vegetables and clean eating comes from my childhood, and my mother’s garden. Today I only wish I could reproduce the kinds of things that came from that garden! But now, as a mother and fitness professional, I try to keep that legacy and love of all green going… from the Farmers’ Market. Maybe you know the feeling? When you read an ad for an upcoming market in your area, you want to go. Your town has a weekly market – same time, same place, same friendly faces – and you never miss. You have your favorite trucks or stalls; maybe they know you like some people know their barista in a coffee shop. As the season rolls along and the produce changes, you look forward to the next treat coming in. A rainy day, a frosty morning, a blazing hot afternoon… no matter, you’re there.

They say that abs are made in the kitchen. If this is true, then, my abs are made at the market. As I check out the piles of peppers, rows upon rows of bursting tomatoes, and crates of assorted squash, my brain starts to come alive thinking of all the different meals that I could make. This is a very different kind of meal planning for me compared to how I used to grocery shop, but it’s one that I think more people should consider – especially if they are trying to find their fit. The fruits and vegetables are the basis for all of our meals and I build everything else around what I find there.


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