This summer I discovered a new kind of green at my local market – MICROgreens.

No, it’s not clover. Or grass.

My favorite farmer sells little bags of a variety of microgreens for a few dollars each. Baby red cabbage, baby kale, peas, radishes, turnips… it’s always a nice surprise to see which ones will be there. They are short shoots of very tender seedlings, looking almost too fragile to eat. But you should. Apparently they pack more of the good stuff, vitamins and antioxidants,  than their full-grown versions. And they taste so SWEET, definitely different than they will weeks away.

I have been playing around with the infant greens quite a bit. I add them to the same kinds of dishes that I would the fuller leaves, and am very pleased with the difference. Add them to eggs, salads, or smoothies. Top a pizza, bagel, or sandwich. I’ve enjoyed mixing them with fruits, even, considering how sweet they are.

It’s little surprises like these that make finding your fit at the market such a fun adventure. You never know what you’re going to find, fall in love with, and be able to make yet another little change to your diet that will only help you make healthier choices in the end.


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