Stuffed Peppers

I was a very lucky child who grew up with a mother and a grandmother that knew how to cook food straight out of the garden. Of course I didn’t necessarily appreciate it back then, but now as a mom and fitness fan I know without a doubt that much of how I think about […]

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Food Prep

I am most inspired to get up and get right to my weekly food prep on Sunday mornings. No one is up besides me and the cat, so the house is nice and quiet; I get the whole kitchen to myself. I try to coordinate as much cooking as I can so that I can […]

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Stir Fry!

This recipe came to me once my favorite farmer told me that the bag of Microgreens that I just picked up was a “spicy Vietnamese one!” I knew I had to make a stir-fry. Literally everything came from the market that day except the celery, mushrooms, and chicken. I had already roasted chicken legs last weekend […]

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