Food Prep

I am most inspired to get up and get right to my weekly food prep on Sunday mornings. No one is up besides me and the cat, so the house is nice and quiet; I get the whole kitchen to myself. I try to coordinate as much cooking as I can so that I can double and triple up on things. Rice can cook while the veggies roast while the steaks sizzle while I scoop the guts out of the melon. BAM! I’m done before I know it and my first sleepy-eyed child comes downstairs.

This week’s list looks a little something like this:


I’ve really been into those small “breakfast steaks” lately. They are cheap ($3-$4 for a perfect sized package!) and they cook up quickly. I get three or four meals from one pack. Plus I like beef. A lot.

We’re grilling chicken out tonight, so I will just plan to have the hubs make enough extra for a few more meals. Same for the chicken sausages tomorrow. I am also making up a foil pack with peppers, mushrooms and garlic (I decided to opt out of the onion) for the week. That blob in the middle is one of my frozen broth cubes that I made I’m not sure when? I have a bag of them in the freezer for things like this. Instead of using a plain old ice cube or water, a broth cube gives things more flavor!

My roasted veggies turned out SO YUMMY today! I added a bit of parsley down by the carrots for some extra flavor, two of those broth cubes I mentioned before, pepper and a dash of salt on the zucchini and the carrots, covered and well, I think you can see how well that did..

My extras this week are some I have every week:

cucumbers for my water at work

celery for snacks (some for the hubby also, so he doesn’t eat chips all the time!)



All prepped. All done. All clean. All healthy. Most importantly, all ready to go for the week!

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