Simply Fit

The comment I hear most frequently about food prep is,

“Boy, that looks delicious.”

The second most common thing I hear is,

“I don’t have time to do that!”

Now don’t get me wrong. I do plan meals and make a grocery list for the week. If I didn’t I know I would buy all kinds of extra things and spend all kinds of extra money. Yes, it takes a bit of time. But if I make a plan, I stick to it. Plus I don’t forget the decaf coffee.

What I allow myself to do, though, is start with few basic things, proteins usually, and then build from there. Chicken, beef, turkey… whatever I feel like making. Roast this, put that in the crock pot, cook up some breakfast steaks. Protein done!

Enter the market!! Each week brings a fresh new spin to your weekly food prep with the season’s best offerings. So why not take advantage?! If they have it, it’s ripe and ready for your table. The flavor is at its best, so you don’t need to add tons of things to make something tasty. (See comment number one above!) You already made the proteins, now add the fresh sides to mix things up and add variety each week.

Today is a great example. Among other things, I bought an array of cherry tomatoes, beautiful bell peppers, spaghetti squash, and cauliflower. When I got home I honestly couldn’t wait until the weekend to prep them for the week. I already had some chicken and some turkey meatballs ready in the fridge from last weekend’s prep, so I decided to throw some of the veggies in the oven and roast them with a bit of olive oil and a dash of salt. Literally five minutes of prep later, all was ready for the oven, and I was off doing mom things. One hour later I had one dinner and two lunches done! Fresh, clean, inexpensive, healthy, and, yes, delicious.

So when I hear people tell me how tasty my lunches look or comment on my posts that my food looks so yummy, I tell them they are right. Fresh = delicious.

And when people tell me they don’t have time to make a clean dish or food prep I wonder what they are doing with their time. No time? No way!

Just keep it simple!


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