All Fresh SALSA!

Everybody loves a good salsa to snack on, and everybody has their favorite. Some prefer a mild mix, others want a face-melting spice, and others like it sweet. I like a nice, fresh salsa, made with lots of different ingredients that play with texture and flavor. This one, if I do say so myself, does just that! It’s got sweet and spicy, crunchy and “soft.” Plus there’s lots of color so it’s pretty on the table. This is TOMATO-FREE, so it’s also a bit different. NO SALT or any other spices – just fresh veggies. Since it’s loaded with such a variety of foods the flavor is amazing, and you can up/down your favorite easily, including the spice! I think this would be PERFECT to serve with fish tacos or as a little side for a dish that needed a zesty little kick. Enjoy!


Chop finely 1/2 cup of each:

red onion
sweet bell pepper (red, yellow, or orange would all be perfect here – sweet and colorful!)

And add 1/2 cup of each:

black beans, undrained


4 radishes, quartered and sliced very thin
1/3 cup chopped cilantro
1 peach, chopped finely
1 jalapeno, chopped VERY FINELY

Mix all of the above together in a large bowl.

Mix, then add to bowl with the rest of the ingredients, stirring well:

3 cloves garlic, pressed
the juice of 1 lime
It’s as easy as that, my fit friends. Like I said, simple and clean, but FULL of flavor. You can enjoy right away, but I think this only gets better with a bit of time for all those flavors to blend and the lime and garlic to do their work. I’m not an avocado person, but I certainly think you could plunk a bit of that into here and it would work! As always please share and let me know what you think!!

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